What we do @ Renov8 Records

Mixing :  Get your tracks to sound level, clear and vibrant ready for mastering.

Mastering : Make your tracks  sound alive and balanced at the right volume ready for media streaming and downloads.

Producing : Got a song? We can take an idea from your head and turn it in to music.

Live recording :  We can assist you with your events and produce high quality playback media.

Podcasts :  Assist with your podcasts getting you that professional sound for your listeners to enjoy.

Video Shoots : No matter the genre we have a director that will get the best footage to suit your budget .

Video Editing : Produce a high quality video to promote your track is key into days market.

Photography : Having the right photos to promote yourself is key for any artist, get a portfolio that will show you in the right light

Release your track, we can get your track available on all major download and streaming platforms.

To send a message regarding our services press the link